iPhone 5 Repair

  • iPhone 5 Back Housing and Frame Replacement

    Is the back of your iPhone 5 in rough shape? Cracked, scratched, or just plain embarrasing? You don’t have to try and hide the back of your iPhone 5 any longer! Visit mobilefixtech today so you can make your iPhone 5 brand new again, with the help of a new back cover.

  • iPhone 5 Battery Replacement


    Is your iPhone 5 battery sleeping on the job? Not charging, not holding a charge, or dying faster than it should? Our iPhone 5 battery replacement service is just the thing you need! Stop in today, to see how we can get your battery back on the job!

  • iPhone 5 Camera Repair


    Don’t let your selfies suffer because of a broken camera. Bring it to any mobilefixtech store for a free diagnostic and we’ll see if it needs to be repaired.

  • iPhone 5 Charge Port Repair


    Having trouble connecting your iPhone 5 to your computer, or your charger? You are not alone, iPhone 5 charge port issues are quite common. Luckily, we have the tech savvy to test and repair your iPhone 5 charge port, so you can get back to connecting to the rest of the world.

  • iPhone 5 Diagnostic Service

    iPhone 5 diagnostics are the sure way to see what is going on with your device. From battery to software tests, we can see exactly what your iPhone 5 needs to run at full speed ahead! Once our free iPhone 5 diagnostic is performed, one of our knowledgeable technicians will speak with you regarding what the repair process will entail, and what the repair cost will be. So if your iPhone 5 is acting up in any way, come in for free diagnostics, and put your iPhone on the road to recovery.

  • iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Repair


    Not having an ear speaker is detrimental to being able to use your iPhone 5! Whether it is a fuzzy/crackling sound, sound that fades in and out or no sound, we can help you out. Bring in your iPhone 5 today for ear speaker repair, and get back to using your phone on the go!

  • iPhone 5 Glass & LCD Replacement


    When the glass cracks on an iPhone 5, there’s a big chance that the LCD can break too. In this case, you can usually see the dead pixels on the display and the device won’t respond to your touch. This quick fix is no problem for our techs and you’ll have our device back soon.

  • iPhone 5 Glass Only Replacement

    One of our most popular repairs, if you have an iPhone 5 with glass that is cracked, shattered, or otherwise damged stop by mobilefixtech. Join our many happy customers who no longer try to work around a cracked screen on their iPhone 5!

  • iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair


    Is your iPhone 5 only playing out of one side of your ear buds? Not playing sound at all out of headphones? Whether your headphones don’t seem to connect, or they are no longer reliable, you can trust us to get your iPhone 5 headphone jack repaired and working like new!

  • iPhone 5 Home Button Repair


    An iPhone 5 without a working home button is like a bike with no pedals! Whether the button is fickle, or just plain doesn’t work, we can fix it! Visit a mobilefixtech today for our home button repair service and get your iPhone 5 working at full capacity again!

  • iPhone 5 Loudspeaker Repair


    Having sound troubles with your iPhone 5 loudspeaker? Not to worry! We offer loudspeaker repair service, so you can get back to blasting music or talking on speaker phone again as fast as possible!

  • iPhone 5 Microphone Repair


    Is your iPhone 5 microphone not working? This function can affect both phone conversations, voice control, and recordings, don’t wait another minute to have your iPhone 5 microphone repaired!